Technical equipment

• Beamer and screen in the "Wetterhorn Stübli"
• Flip chart
• Pin board
• Moderation kit
• Stereo

You can reach the Berghaus Bort by


We have around 15 parking spaces. In summer you can drive up to the Berghaus over a narrow road. If you arrive by car you will need a special permit. We provide the permit when you book with us.

Cable car/Gondola
You can use the gondola within the regular opening hours without previous notice. Please have a look at the timetable.

Cable car outside business hours
For using the cable car outside the normal working hours the following costs occur.
Standart rate per person PLUS
Extra night charge                                                 until 5 pm      200.00
From 5 pm                                                              until 8 pm      plus  300.00 (500.00)
From 8 pm                                                              until 11 pm    plus 300.00 (800.00)

• Extra gondolas only from 20 paying guests
• Each 50 persons 1 person free of charge
• Skipasses are not valid after official opening hours
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Road map summer
Arrival map summer
Road map winter
Arrival map winter